Fault diagnosis

Car Fault FindingUsing the latest plug-in technology MPD can read your car or vans computer system to identify reasons for the vehicle going into limp mode and perhaps not running at all.

Modern vehicle are designed to automatically run on limited power when a fault is detected by the ECU, engine control unit, or one of the other systems used.

Once you are in limp mode then the vehicle needs to be diagnosed and the faulty either corrected or cleared. Due to the complex nature of vehicle electronics there is not always a failure, but an electrical signal has triggered the code.

MPD will identify the problem and reset the fault code while also clearing any old or historic codes stored by the vehicle. If there has been a failure, then we will advise what the garage will need to do to fix the problem. This removes the doubt when dealing with garages and lets them go straight to the issue rather than repairing in stages as they try various new parts while trying to work out the actual fault.

Certain common faults such as DPF and EGR valves can be corrected by MPD at the time of the diagnosis. Saving the driver not only a garage bill but wasted time travelling to the repairers.