ECU Remapping

MPD Evolution Performance Remapping HertsVehicle remapping, also know as ECU remapping is available on most vehicles and can improve the performance and economy of your engine. Car manufacturers fit the same engine across various models and variations and then control the power with the ECU, engine control unit, so the bottom of the range may have 90 BHP, brake horse power, and the top one 160. We can give you 160 even if you have the 90 model.

Here at MPD we recommend a stage one performance remap to maximise your vehicles potential while staying within the hardware capabilities. The service requires us to read the current map and then send it to our specialist mappers who will rewrite to your requirements and we the over write the map in the ECU and your new car is born. Please remember that we can restore your old map as we keep a copy on file.

If you want to go over a stage one, we can do this, but you will need to check and uprate your car as we will be taking the power beyond the standard hardware functionality.

Remapping is not only for power but also can add up to 15% to your fuel economy with our economy remap service, the same procedure as a performance map. If you have a fleet of cars or vans we recommend an economy map with a top speed limiter, please ask us for details.

For the best of both worlds go for a mixed remap, we will design you map for fuel economy for day to day driving but the extra power is there when you want it, put your foot down and feel the difference.

To ensure that we provide the very best results MPD work with Alientech and use the Kess system, so we always have the latest technical spec.

MPD recommends a carbon clean with your remap and offer a combined offer price so you can benefit from one visit to take your pride a joy to the next level, carbon clean will remove the carbon build up inside your engine without expensive mechanical bills. Carbon cleaning is available without remapping and all vehicles will benefit form one. It is advised that you carbon clean your engine every 12 months.

MPD appreciate that customers might want to spread the cost, so we offer an interest free 4-month payment plan, please ask for details.

All our services are fully mobile and can be carried out at you home or work address 6 days a week, please book an appointment.

As with all our services, MPD is fully insured and guarantee our work, customer satisfaction is our prime goal. As stated before we can restore your old map.

Although we are working within the vehicles capability you should check with your insurer as you are changing the vehicles performance.

Increase the HP and Torque on your vehicle, this is different for each car or van. Please get in touch with your registration number so we can estimate the increases for your vehicle. All re-maps are done at your choice of location and come with a money back guarantee if not satisfied.