DPF Cleaning Experts

DPF Cleaning Herts & LondonMPD Evolution are experts in the care, maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter.
The most common problem with any DPF is that it needs cleaning. Sooty black carbon deposits build up inside the filter, causing a lack of performance and running problems.

Our specialist process removes these carbon deposits in just two hours and restores your DPF to full working order.

And after the cleaning process our skilled technician will advise you on how to get the best out of your DPF-equipped vehicle to prevent build-up of carbon deposits in future.

If you have a problem with your DPF or are experiencing any running problem with your vehicle, call our experts now for free help and advice or use our online booking form to book today.

DPF Cleaning Process

01. Contact the Experts

Call today or use our Quick Enquiry form and tell us what problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. The most common problem with any DPF is that it needs cleaning as black carbon deposits build up inside the filter causing lack or performance or running problems. But in some cases the DPF may have a faulty component.

02. Fault Finding

Using the latest equipment, our technicians will quickly diagnose the problem, allowing us to fix it in the most cost-effective way. We have various common components in stock and can quickly resolve most issues. In most cases a DPF clean is all that is required.

03. Rapid Cleaning

Our rapid cleaning process involves flushing away black carbon deposits by injecting cleaning fluid into the system while the engine is running. We then road test your vehicle and analyse DPF back pressure readings to ensure your filter is working correctly.

DPF Regen Information

There are three different ways of performing DPF Regenerations

Passive Regeneration (Automatic)

Passive regeneration takes place automatically,
It is done on longer high speed, when the vehicle speed and exhaust temperature is high.?

Active Regeneration (Automatic)

The ECU checks the soot loading has reached level (usually around 45%) and starts what is known as PCFI (post combustion fuel injection).

This injects a small amount of fuel into the engine after the main combustion cycle, increasing the temperature in the exhaust and triggering the regeneration process.

DPF light on the dashboard will flash to alert the driver that the regeneration process is in progress.

Keep driving until the light goes out, The process may take 5 minutes up to 25 minutes.

If the process is interrupted and the regeneration cannot be completed, the ECU will activate ‘Reduced Power Mode’ or ‘Limp Home’ mode.

DPF and Engine warning lights will light up

Forced Regeneration (Call us now!)

When DPF and Engine warning lights come on, a final regen will need to be completed, call MPD Evolution now!

Prevention of DPF replacement

New DPF filters are very expensive so MPD offer a DPF cleaning service, using our mobile solution we come to you and solve the problem. We flush and clean the DPF filter and re-set the engine codes and fault lights.